APP for Preventing Kidney Stone

We all would like to have a healthy life. How to maintain it is a very important issue for all of us. There are many health problems in America. One of the health problems is kidney stone. According to some researches, about 12 percent of men and 7 percent of women get a kidney stone at some point. [1] And the worse thing is the rates are rising faster in women. So how to prevent kidney stone is an important thing to do.

Since we have to eat food every day, diet is no doubt a factor of causing kidney stone. However, there are still some other factors, such as heredity, environment, and fluid intake.  As we know, the food is used as our energy as well as tissue repair. After the body uses the food, kidney will produce urine. There are some foods may form crystals in the urinary tract. And the crystals may grow into kidney stones.

It is easier for one person to get a kidney stone if this person has had it before. So preventing another one is important to him or her. The very first step to prevent kidney stones is to know what kinds of kidney stones a person’s body makes. There are five types of kidney stones. The most common one is calcium oxalate stones. And calcium phosphate stones are less common. The other three are uric acid stones, struvite stones, and cysteine stones. About 75 percent of stones are formed when calcium binds with oxalate.

There are several symptoms of having kidney stones. The biggest one is pain. The pain can come out very sudden. You might only feel slightly ache one minute and ten minutes later be crying. The other symptoms are blood in the urine, painful urination, nausea, vomiting, and fever. It is possible to pass very small kidney stones through the urinary tract. However, some bigger kidney stones require surgery in order to remove them from body.

So, how do we prevent kidney stone formation? Water is an inexpensive and the greatest way against kidney stones. People should drink enough water to produce at least 2 quarts of urine a day. And the amount of fluids a person need to drink is actually depends on the weather as well as the person’s activity level. Usually more than a gallon of water may be needed every 24 hours. Some said that coffee and tea can reduce the risk of stone formation and they also can add to a person’s total fluid intake. However, they do contain oxalate. Drinking wine and beer in moderation are also another way to prevent kidney stones.

The sodium can cause more calcium to be excreted into the urine, and high concentration of calcium in the urine combine with oxalate to form stones. Since salt is made up sodium and chloride. We should be very careful of eating it into our bodies. The U.S. recommended daily allowance (RDA) of sodium is 2,400 milligrams (mg). However, American’s intake averages 3,300 mg, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. [2] So, limiting the consumption of slat is another important step to prevent stone formation.

Since many people already have smart phones, we can develop an app to help people prevent kidney stone formation. Water is the most important and easiest method to prevent the stone formation. So, the first function of the app is to record how much water the person drink in one day. Since there are many other fluids one person would drink in one day, we also have to let the user can record those in this app. And then calculate them all in order to see the amount of the fluids. However, we should list some fluids which are easy to form kidney stones in the app. And list some fluids which are good for our kidney stones prevention.

Because the intake of salt in one day shouldn’t be more than 2,400 mg, we should also have another function to help user put what they eat in one day and then estimate the total of the sodium consumption. The other function should be also available for this app is listing foods and drinks containing oxalate. It can be divided into 2 sections. One is high-oxalate foods-higher to lower, and the other one is medium-oxalate foods-higher to lower. So the user can easily check what kind food should be avoided, especially for those who had kidney stones before.

I have searched from the app store in iTune. There is one app which is for preventing kidney stone. However, the function is only calculating liquid intake in one day. We can surely do more than that by adding other function. Some studies show that drinking dark colas is not good for kidney stones preventing. Although this is not definitely sure, we shouldn’t calculate the amount of drinking coke as one part of our total intake of liquid. One thing for sure is drinking coke can’t really prevent you from dehydration. So the possible function for this app is to separate this kind of liquid from water or juice.

The potential of impact of this app in our smart phone is we can easily to record what we drink and what we eat in 24-hour period. Although we can’t be sure preventing kidney stones completely, we can at least prevent ourselves eating too much salt and drinking too less water. Since it is so easy to do that in our smart phone, we are surely can decrease the rates of getting kidney stones.




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  3. fabiola says:

    Keeping track of water is so important, especially during pregnancy and breast feeding days. I have trouble keeping up with the amount of water I drink. I would love to use this.

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